MWWM Wealth Management for organising your all aspects of corporate finance

Financial planning for businesses

At M W Wealth Management, we provide independent financial advice to corporate clients and business owners to help them create and manage:

In terms of fees, our approach is completely transparent, please visit the About us page to see how this works.

Effective tax planning strategies

M W Wealth Management, working in partnership with your accountants, can help to devise strategies to reduce your corporate and personal tax liabilities. We believe that advice provided must be linked to that of accountants and other professional advisors to ensure any strategies employed are complementary and not working in isolation or indeed, in conflict with others. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax advice. 

The investment of business capital

Here at M W Wealth Management we can assist you in choosing the right investments in order to help you meet your financial aims and objectives.  It is essential that each investment strategy is tailored to each individual client.  In particular heavy emphasis is placed on risk assessment, tax position, personal objectives and timeframe when working towards maximising returns.

Targeted provision for retirement

Ensuring that you have a robust retirement strategy in place to enable you to fully enjoy your retirement is vital.  Targeted benefits can be tracked taking into account changes in pension legislation and taxation.

Particular attention needs to be paid to existing pension benefits and the tax regimes in which they were established.  This is often different to that applicable to currently available arrangements.

M W Wealth Management can guide you through the pension maze helping you to take control of your future.

Employee benefit packages

The establishment and maintenance of sophisticated employee benefit packages often requires specialist advice.  M W Wealth Management can introduce you to such specialists or for the more straight forward arrangements, assist (in house).

Employers will be particularly keen to ensure they comply with the requirements of “auto enrolment” pension schemes now forming a major part of the UK Pension landscape.

Business protection and succession planning

Just as it is necessary to insure a business against loss or damage to physical assets, it is also vital to insure against the loss of key personnel. The key staff of a business is often its most valuable asset influencing its ongoing turnover and profitability.  M W Wealth Management can consider with you appropriate covers tailored to meet you business’s specific requirements.

M W Wealth Management also regularly work with business owners to establish long term succession plans incorporating short term contingency arrangements.

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