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Planning your financial future

You may have ambitious financial objectives, or simply wish to protect your assets for times of need.  You may have recently experienced a big change in your life, leading you to reassess your financial situation.  Perhaps you have been promoted, married, moved house, started a family or sadly experienced a bereavement or divorce.

Whatever your situation and objectives MW Wealth Management can work with you to understand your long term financial goals, develop a relevant financial plan and monitor its progress with you. 

Ultimately, we work with you to protect the longevity of your wealth so you are able to enjoy life long security at a standard of living acceptable to you.  Further consideration is given to the passing on of wealth to your family in a controlled and tax efficient manner. If you wish, and as we would usually recommend, we can work alongside your accountant and / or solicitor to make your financial affairs as straightforward as possible.  MW Wealth Management takes a “whole of life” financial planning approach with clients.  This generally encompasses:

There are additional areas where we can help your financial planning, simply tell us your requirements and we’ll advise whether we are able to help.

In terms of fees, our approach is completely transparent, please visit the About us page to see how this works.

Protecting you and your family

M W Wealth Management can investigate with you all areas of potential financial exposure you or your family may have and suggest suitable remedies. Common arrangements utilised are:

Life Assurance – protecting your dependents in the event of your premature death

Critical Illness Cover – providing lump sum monies to facilitate lifestyle changes in the event of you suffering a critical illness

Income Protection – the provision of replacement income in the event of you being incapacitated and unable to carry on your usual occupation

Private Medical Insurance – covering private medical expenses

Tax efficient investments for income or growth

As wealth managers we can help you choose the appropriate investments in order to help you meet your financial goals.  We work towards maximising returns, at a level of risk which is acceptable to you.

Whether your requirement is for income now or long term capital growth, we carefully consider the tax implication of each recommended investment given your personal tax position.  As tax can be the difference between producing positive or negative returns, this stage is vitally important.
Once the agreed fund strategy is implemented, we carefully monitor the ongoing performance of all investments alongside your tax position, legislative changes and market trends, ensuring the strategy employed continues to meet your expectations and requirements.

Reviewing your mortgage arrangements

Advising in the mortgage arena has been an increasingly specialised activity with the market developing to include many lenders with different products.  For this reason, we at M W Wealth Management refer all mortgage enquiries to mortgage advisers working solely in this market.  Let us know if you require mortgage advice and we will put you in contact with an appropriate advisor.

The receipt of mortgage advice may be subject to the payment of a fee. The exact amount will depend on your circumstances but could be either a percentage of the total loan or a fixed fee – this will be confirmed at the point that discussions commence.

Using new or existing pensions to plan for your retirement

We find that the majority of our clients are members of existing pension schemes whether this be occupational, related to current or previous employment or private arrangements established in the past.
The analysis of existing funds is highly important not only in understanding likely future benefits but ensuring existing pension capital is invested economically and with maximum flexibility. 
Upon retirement, the benefit options available are numerous and diverse and therefore care must be taken at this time as decisions once made, are often irreversible.

Providing for the potential requirements of long term care

The provision of long term care is becoming an increasing concern for many with the state only fully intervening when an individual’s personal capital is almost fully exhausted. 
At M W Wealth Management we can help you plan your existing capital and income to take into account the potential of long term care.  Specific investments can also be considered in this fast developing market.

Arranging your affairs to reduce Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax is often referred to as a voluntary tax as sensible planning can substantially reduce potential liabilities. Gifting, the use of trusts and life assurance products are common mechanisms used in this arena.  The establishment of appropriately worded wills is also of paramount importance. M W Wealth Management can advise on such arrangements and will introduce specialist solicitors for any will writing requirements.

Tax advice is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. When receiving and implementing mortgages advice you should be aware that your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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